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    Question Recommending writing books

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by ChickenFreak, Jul 16, 2018.

    So, I just saw a thread where a poster mentioned that they could recommend "dozens" of titles on writing.

    I could recommend a dozen, maybe more.

    But I'm frankly just too darn lazy to enter each one of them, separately, as a Resource, in the Resources section. And I see that only nine books are currently in Resources.

    How do the powers that be feel about lists in Resources? As in "Chickenfreak's recommended books about writing" or "SomebodyElse's list of great examples of writing" or "SomebodyElse's favorite writing blogs", that sort of thing?

    On the one hand, there would be redundant information. On the other hand, where's the harm?
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    That wouldn't bother me in the least, tbh. The Resource area goes underused as it is, so my mindset is one of being less pedantic about such things. It's not like, later on, on a lazy afternoon, one of use couldn't go back through and pretty it up a bit. It's always revisable and such lists certainly would make it more convenient to give a link when a new member asks such questions.
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    I agree with Wrey, as long as such resources don't only contain a bunch of links or titles. If each entry in the list has a short description that highlights the main points of the book (like a blurb or something), then I see nothing wrong with a list like that.
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