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    References/Citations page

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by Alex R. Encomienda, Jun 24, 2017.

    Hello writers!

    I have a little question; would it be anomalous or unusual to have a reference or citation page at the back of a book?

    I've seen some with certain books I've read where the author lists references from other works that he incorporated into his story or book notes where the author lists emphasized phrases, meanings and further readings.

    With my story, I would like to add a source list, notes and reference page at the back of the book.

    Some of the research I did came from very interesting sources so I would like to add so people can read further into it.

    Also, I've made countless notes on further readings for my book. I'm not sure how to say it but it's the things that I can't completely tell in the story because they correlate to real life events (The Bible, Book of the Dead, Phenomena etc.)

    I would like to add these things because I think they'd fit well with the overall book and the title.

    As a self publisher using CreateSpace, Amazon etc. I'd say I pretty much have the right to have a big 'fuck you' at the end of the book if I wanted to but I was wondering; what are your thoughts on this idea?
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    It wouldn't be unusual, no. Plenty of books have that under an "Acknowledgements" page at the end. It's usually not formatted as a formal bibliography with MLA or APA citations. If you wanted to go that route it would certainly be different but I don't see how that would hurt you or the reading experience. I wouldn't do footnotes or in-text citations or anything. That would be annoying.
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