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    Resolve To Remember

    Discussion in 'Image Story Contest' started by RHumphrey, Jul 6, 2007.


    I am not dead.

    I live in the minds of the few that remember, the shameful few, and I haunt the existence of the many who have chosen to forget.

    I am the darkness, the vengeance, the hate filled thoughts on the outer rim of sanity. I will poke and prod at those that in their simple ways have chosen to forsake me, and those like me, and what we stood for in life. Though now stilled and stitched up for the grave, though my heart has been cast aside and my tongue removed, though my mouth is sewn closed for the sake of those that strive for power, that they may have the power without the guilt of knowledge, I will shout louder still…as will my brothers.

    In their ignorance, those that would lead and worse so…those that would follow in apathetic glee, have made a mockery of we that perished for their sake. Are we now to just lay our heads peacefully on our casket pillow? I say no, never, at least not until the lessons are brought home, and I live in eternity now and here have nothing but time.

    Why have you put our cause aside? What course will you now take? How can you claim the birthright and not consider its cost? Is it possible that through arrogance and self serving myth, you people do not even know what that treasure really is?

    From the tomb I can feel no more, but from the depths of the seas and the worm infested ground, we all see what you do. Your sickening self righteous babbling is piped to us all, and we have heard what you have to say. We watch you throw away everything that we have given you, and can take it no longer in silence.

    Now, we will fight again. We will rise from the dust and move with the gale. Together we shall ride the currents of water and air leading to your homes. We will infest your dreams and irritate your conscience to the point of agony. Your common thoughts will be formed by our torrents; we will make you remember in spite of your closed, self absorbed minds. We are already the hesitation in your well planned speeches and the question in the minds of your minions. Think, for you know it is true.

    Now I bring forth to you this storm of souls, a force of nature that shall rip your safe little world apart, and though it is my mutilated face that you see, you will recognize all of our faces and come to see the truth through us. We rise as cyclones and thunder and hail. We speak with fierce winds and flooding rains. We will shake your very foundations with volcanic quakes and great waves. Those things that you cherish, those idols of temporary pleasure, shall be taken from you in the great gusting winds of your own guilt.

    For guilt is what we resolve to make you feel, what you must feel lest you never return to the truth. We are angry because we are lost to triviality. We seethe because of your apathy.

    Remember now, for we no longer walk beside you but we are not dead.

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