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    Results of corporate blockade?

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Flashfire07, Jan 11, 2012.

    Ok so I'm writing a science fiction story where a government sponsored trading corporation has blockaded a planet after discovering that there is a valuable artifact under the ocean of the planet. The planetary governor has refused to allow the group to retrieve the artifact as he is waiting for a research team. The blockade has been observed shooting down anyone trying to leave the planets surface and is preventing imported goods from reaching the surface. My question is this, how would this kind of action be treated? What actions would be taken to resolve the blockade and what would the consequences for the corporation be?
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    First off, there isn't much the governer can do but give in to the demands, since getting into orbit is harder than dropping things out of it.

    Assuming the planet engaged in trade with other planets on a regular basis, it could stand to lose money and such, but nothing too big unless the planet utterly depended on interplanetary trading. Which it shouldn't, since planets are usually self-sufficient.

    For the corporation? If blockading planets isn't illegal(It should be, but it's your setting), it could get off without even a slap on the wrist. Oh, it would certainly have to dedicate resources to the blockade, but if it can casually blockade planets, then cost is not a factor. Maybe one of the planets allies would have to come in and bail it out, but that might take some time.
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    if your going with a galactic alliance type of thing, and this plant is a member it could mean war with the trading corporation and the government that sponsors it. wich would most likely, depending on how strong the alliance is, end up with the distruction of the trading corporation and a change in governmet in the plant that sponcors them

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