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    Returning characters

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by sprirj, Mar 31, 2015.

    Early on in my novel, I had a character who had a central role, as my story progressed she became a minor character, with a smaller and smaller part. Recently, I changed the structure of my story, and a new story arc appeared, now my character has returned and plays a vital role. I'm quite pleased about this as I felt I was lacking female characters in main roles, and also she was a great character. So has anyone else had a character that perhaps they removed or killed off, only for them to return?
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    In stories that I worked on in the past I have went back and forth with certain characters but never the main ones. Currently I working on something new and mentally I went back and forth as to how this person should be killed off but I'm going to stick with my original plan. I have added or completely gotten rid of characters but the were never main ones.
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    Not really - but my side characters and "spear carriers" have an odd way of demanding bigger roles. I have one character who was inserted only because my TV news set needed a cameraman...basically he was a prop...now he's my MC's primary love interest and gets a lot of POV scenes.

    I have another character who started off as the MC's "airhead best office friend" and has since elevated herself to being the MC's roommate and co-protagonist (and gone from being mildly comedic to being dark and tortured).

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