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  1. ChaosReigns

    ChaosReigns Be Still and Know Contributor

    Mar 20, 2013
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    Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom

    Reviewer/article writer for metal gallows

    Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ChaosReigns, Jul 25, 2015.

    Kinda a cushy one, as i seem to have found myself with an opportunity that comes very rarely - an opportunity to write for a site that handles a lot of articles/reviews.

    The Website can be found Here

    Now, i've been doing this since march this year, but it'll be within the next week that I have my first article/opinion piece added to the site, I have already written it, but the site owner likes to make sure that the formatting and all the other shindig such as SEO's, tags and other such joyful things are completed first before it gets "thrown" onto the WWW.

    I'm kinda fortunate in the sense that the site owner really enjoys my writing style, which helps a lot when working with a bunch of really cool people on such a site!

    sorry for the minute brag, but it had to be done, as I am super happy I am able to do it!

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