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    Richard Bennett's Writing Journal.

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    Who I Am?
    Hello, my name is Richard Bennett. I am a twenty-five year old (bout to be twenty-six in September) factory worker from a very small town in the state of Kentucky. I work at a plastic factory making anything plastic you can think of for refrigerators, dish washers and the sort. I have had a lot of ups and downs and unfortunately most of them have been downs but this has led to me learning a lot about life and mistakes. Now I take my life experiences and the wisdom earned through them and I write all sorts of poems, song lyrics and plan to eventually begin a novel. I don't have a lot of time to write but most nights I write while at work and there is downtime and any other free time that I can get. If any of you would like to talk more, please feel free to ask me here or message me. I always welcome friends and friendly conversation.

    My Experience Writing
    I used to write all of the time when I was younger. However, certain situations in life caused me to begin spiraling downwards into what I call a black hole. I was losing control of my life and losing control of the will to want to live. Thankfully, with the help of a few friends and an Ex-Girlfriend, I have slowly dug myself out of this hole and even though I am not out completely, it's one step at a time till I do. Now I have started writing again. Every second that I have free, you can find me writing somewhere. I mostly write poems and song lyrics. However, I do want to write my own novel at some point and that is one of the main reasons for coming here...for the tips and experience. Below is a sample of my poetic work. It is more of a spoken word poem that doesn't rhyme. I hope you all Enjoy.

    There You Were
    By: Richard Bennett

    There you were. The perfect definition of pure and natural beauty. Your skin glowing bright as the sunshine itself and your eyes twinkling like stars and staring not at me, not through me but down deep into the core of my soul. Piercing my very being and setting it a blaze with desire.​

    There you were. Everything a man could ever dream of wanting and needing. That and so much more. A devilish angel that the heavens opened wide for and sent down to sit in this very spot at this very time to steal away my heart and quake the world around me.

    There you were. An everlasting vision of what true womanhood should be. A protector, a care giver, a lover and mother. Independent and strong, hardworking and intelligent, beautiful and irresistible from outside to inside and every spot thereof.

    There you were. Sending the universe around me into a perpetual spin moving so fast and intense that time broke the laws of nature and just stood still. A moment, an experience unlike no other. Seared into my brain for the rest of eternity. All to ensure that I would never forget the moment you burst into my life and sent it hurling in the right direction when no others could change its course.

    There you were. Forcing my soul, brain and heart to question everything they ever thought or learned about love at first sight. Sending them on a existential journey that would leave them changed forever more. Branding your mark onto each of them. Creating a spot in each that you would forever be and that nothing could change.​

    There you were. My everything. My existence, my breath, my heart beat, my one true and only love, my entire reason to wake up in the morning. Leaving me breathless, shaken, forever changed. Stealing my heart with just one look and forever searing yourself into my life. The love of my life, everything my desire had ever burned for and more. An angel sent down that was now part of me and forever would be. Lighting that fire of manhood. Protector, supporter, lover, care giver. Fighting from that moment on to ensure that nothing in the known universe would ever take you away from me again.


    What I Hope To Gain From This Community
    I came here looking to continue to write and hone my craft. Writing has always been a love of mine. Even when I wasn't that great at it and honestly I am still pretty new to it. I am hoping to gain more experience, learning from some of the more experienced writers here about all aspects of writing. At the same time, I'd like to gain a few fellow writers as friends and share works of writing with each other to broaden our horizons and help each other to become better all around, well rounded writers. I look forward to hearing from you all and seeing your comments. Please, do take the time to leave me some feedback on the poem. It is the first that I have finished writing since coming back to it and I would like to know what each of you think.
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