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    ScaryMonster - Weekly Poetry Contest (145) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Mar 31, 2011.

    An Ode to Russell Crow
    By ScaryMonster

    When I was young I didn’t know,
    about the man called Russell Crow.

    Yes he can act and he don’t do blow,
    he owns the mighty Rabbithos.

    O Russell Crow, O Russell Crow!
    Those Pommies don’t like silly poems.

    Sing to us in mellow tones, of a
    Kiwi in an Aussie home.

    And when you’re on the silver screen,
    you make the South of Sydney scream.

    Big acting man, a bogan’s dream.
    A Rugby player’s cash machine.

    And Eric Watson might be a nob, but don’t
    you punch him in the gob.

    Cause telephone in the fourth degree
    was not a pleasant sight to see.

    And that Robin Hood might be a flop
    and your accent should have had the chop.

    But on radio you shouldn’t cop some
    Pommie DJ’s smart arsed knocks.

    And has your career jumped the shark?
    Is a question in this Ode I ask.

    Do we smell a hint of Mel? Will you rant
    and rave and go to hell.

    But we all stand up and say not Russ!
    He’s the Kiwi bloke who’s adopted us.

    And when we saw you on the Oprah show,
    you made all of our nipples blow!

    There is no a greater man alive and forever
    will his legend climb.

    Yes he’s going to take us on this ride, and be
    a font of Aussie pride.
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