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    Schadenfreude: abominations

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    The Unnatural World

    For longer than records here on Earth will tell, there have always been supernatural creatures hiding among the human race and out of sight. Perhaps there was a time long ago when they showed themselves to the human race, unafraid of punishment or execution, but if there was ever such a time, it has been gone for a long, long time.
    Vampires, werewolves, demons, goblins, and any mysterious being of ancient legend, was thought up for a reason. They exist, out of sight to most, or hiding as one of us. However, the human race is in little danger of attacks. Aside from in fighting on the part of supernatural beings, there is also the fear of human aggression. The worst humans have to worry about is each other...

    World War 2
    The 1930's and 1940's saw great tragedy throughout the world. The Great Depression, the Holocaust, Hitler's rise to power. Hitler's ambition, and the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany resulted in a conflict that would be remembered for years to come. War had spread all through Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia. Germany was taking over Europe, France was taken over, Britain was heavily bombed despite being well protected by water on all sides. The United States, still going through it's Great Depression, could only stay out of it for so long.
    And beneath the thick blanket of chaos, psychotic, Unnatural forces were at work.

    On June 6th, 1944, Allied Forces invaded the beaches of Normandy, opening up a second front from which to fight the Germans and beginning the liberation of France from the Nazis.
    This is where our story begins.

    This is an rp that focuses on the plot. I trust the players to work for that, instead of just making their character as badass as possible.
    This roleplay will include soldiers from all nations, Axis and Allies, as well as resistance fighters from countries under German control, and even a few civilians from countries involved in WW2.
    D-Day will be the first part of this RP, and only the Allied soldier characters will be able to participate. After that, the other characters, resistance, Axis, and civilian characters can start.

    Human only characters. None of the player characters will know magic either. You can be a soldier, resistance fighter with some kind of skill to survive financially, or a civilian who has never held a gun but has some kind of skill to help him/her make money. No player characters will be mages, vampires, or whatever.

    2. Don't kill another player's character without their permissions. This is not that kind of RP where we are all trying to kill each other. That being said, stupid moves will get your character killed. If you are in a building full of enemies, for example, alone with only two guys, and you decide to try and gun win a gunfight with everyone in the building, you will be shot down by your enemies and your friends would be wise to run and hide while you get gunned down.

    3. Whatever gun your character winds up using, you don't get unlimited ammo. Your character should have to reload or might even run empty. After which point another tactic, other than spray and pray, might be necessary.

    4. The obvious, "no god modding" and "no over powered characters" rules apply."

    5. No time skips without permission of the GM

    6. Other rules may be added later on.

    7. Don't make any assumptions about the rp about what you read so far. This isn't a COD rp. Its more survival horror than simple military.

    Character Sheet Templates

    For Soldiers (Axis and Allies):
    Nation (Can be any of the Nations involved in WW2)
    Specialization: (Sniper, Assault, Machine Gun, etc.)
    Professional Skills: (Optional for Soldiers)

    Resistance Fighters/Civilian:
    Nation (Again, can be any WW2 nation):
    Professional Skills:
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    The Windy City
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    New York, up by all the water
    Growler closed his eyes and took a deep breath, relaxing, filtering out the sounds that surrounded him. What was he doing here? Well as his mentor had once told him,

    “There are people here that are living, and we are here to make them stop.”

    The saying seemed applicable.

    With his eyes closed he took his time using each of his senses. He could feel the smooth wood and metal in his hands. It was a good gun, better than the one he came off the boat with. What a hell than had been, even his trained instincts had been overwhelmed. Just thinking about that carnage was enough to get his heart beating faster. No, he was free from that, he had good cover, he could feel the rusted metal anti-tank barricade through the fabric of his shirt.

    Water and blood spraying, bullets and blood flying, so much blood. So many dead, so fast. He hadn’t even realized he lost his gun in the confusion. But there had been this beautiful M1 just laying there in the sand, its owner needed the left half of his body a good deal more than he needed his gun, so Growler was obliged to give it a good home.

    It was easier to make sense of the beach with his eyes closed. The German machine guns to one side, the wild and sporadic return fire from his comrades on the other. Taking another breath he opened his eyes. Time to do the only thing he seemed very good at, stoping people from living.

    Looking around he was struck by one thought. Where was everyone? From all hints, he was all alone, sitting in the sand like an abandon child at a family vacation. Well, he guessed if he started out, someone would come along. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t. Then again, maybe he would just get blown about the beach and not have to worry about what happened next. After the horrors he had seen in his life, he couldn’t muster the indignation to think he didn't deserve that kind of an end.

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