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    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by ronmatt, Jan 24, 2010.

    I find that a good way for me to develop a character, is to become a schizoid. Do some research on the character type I want to be, then manifest a dual personality and become that character. I have conversations with him/her, arguments. Sometimes I spend hours or days in that personality. Thinking the way I imagine them thinking. Reacting the way I imagine they'd react.

    Don't believe it...that pompous dickweed doesn't do that crap..The sucker spends most of his time tryin' to figure out what time it is. He spends "hours or days" in a Jack Daniels bottle tryin' to locate 'up'. As for 'imagining how I think'..Gimme a break, the match went out in his pilot light years ago. Havin' a conversation with him? May as well talk to my sock.

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