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    Scriptwriting: One of WFs Most Delglected Forms - Until Now

    Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Daniel, Oct 15, 2018.

    Welcome to the Screenwriting Forum - A Form-Specific Writing Community

    The Screenwriting Forum is intended to foster a space that promotes all major forms of scriptwriting in a positive manner, assists our members in pursing script-type specific techniques, and in identifying and practicing industry standards and best practices.

    The scriptwriting forum is within the By-Writing-Forum forum category, which is intended to encourage discussion and questions, techniques, common problems, and developmental challenges related to a specific form of writing. In this case, any form of scriptwriting.

    The Scriptwriting Forum falls within this purpose and expectation. Anything relevant specifically to scriptwriting is allowed here. If the question is broad enough, however, it should be posted one of our larger forums.

    If you’re struggling with a character development problem, it should be posted in the Character Development Forum - unless the problem is related to the inherent restrictions stemming from the medium’s design (for example).

    Presently, this sub-forum encourages all forms of scriptwriting. Since challenges, formats, industry standards, etc. vary depending on script type, all threads should specify the type of script your thread addresses. When available, please select a prefix or tag(s) identifying your script type, and include a descriptive thread title and opening paragraph.

    (Prefixes or Default Tags will be forthcoming.)

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