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    Search engine that boycots JavaScript?

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LazyBear, Dec 4, 2019.

    Whenever I try to stay safe by blocking client side scripts in my browser, most sites give me a blank page or a message telling me to enable JavaScript or go **** myself. Even Mozilla's own website does that now and they used to be ones trying to protect users against malicious standards. Just blocking sites that have actually attacked using scripts isn't enough.

    A way to take back control over the internet for the visitors would be to filter websites based on which technologies they use with a huge penalty for privilege abuse like on Android, but I haven't seen any search engine that allow me to search for news and remove all results leading to sites with excessive scripting (high difference in appearance when scripts are disabled).

    A penalty in visitor flow for privilege escallation would force sites to get leaner and only request additional security privilege when actually needed. Hopefully people could then stop using adblockers that are killing journalism when their readers no longer get malware served with the news.

    Any ideas for how to repair the internet and make scripting into an optional addition for added perks rather than something shoved down our throats without consent? (no sexual reference implied)
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