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    seelifein69 and jo spumoni - Weekly Poetry Contest (181) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Feb 17, 2012.

    Taboo of the Average American
    By seelifein69

    I have two husbands,
    and several wives.
    But we still love and care
    through all of times.

    You have one person
    to love and to cherish,
    but lies and black eyes
    until you both perish.

    My face, back and arms
    are covered with ink.
    So how does that stop
    my ability to think?

    You're free of holes
    and a respectable guy.
    But you walk over people
    and cheat to get by.

    I dress up like a cat
    or a wolf or a frog
    so it's sexually easier
    for me to get off.

    So should it be okay
    for you to subscribe
    to small Asian boys
    posing naked online?

    so just think about what YOU do
    cause what I'm about
    isn't Taboo.


    Atheism 101
    By jo spumoni

    They think your ideas come from college,
    From that liberal crap they feed you
    As though you were not a thinking being
    As though your conclusions were not your own

    They think your judgment is made
    From cynicism and defiance and youth
    And that Atheism is something you outgrow
    Like clothes or Barbie dolls

    They suppose it is easy for you
    To tell them to their faces
    That God is fiction, clear and simple,
    And meaning is make believe

    One day, they think with knowing smiles,
    You will see the sky
    And the trees and rocks and all the creatures of the world
    And know for certain He exists

    And the worst part of it all
    Is that they smile and pretend
    That your atheism does not bother them
    And their minds are open

    And they have never been more wrong
  2. seelifein69

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    Good job Jo
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    Hey, you too :)
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