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    seelifein69 - Weekly Poetry Contest (185) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Mar 18, 2012.

    Colliding Colors, "I Have a Dream"
    By seelifein69

    A melting pot?
    A community?
    That's really not what
    it feels like to me.

    New immigrants, new shapes
    and sizes come here
    to get new lives 'n
    hope for dreams come true.

    Only to find the world
    they were told has
    shrunken old and
    overrun by the same view.

    But they still speak their
    tounge and tote a hot
    gun and run around like
    this is their old home.

    Others work hard all day
    for about five dollars
    pay and send it back to
    their wives, who're alone.

    So they can go home, again
    and sleep with the
    drove, again, until sunrise
    calls them, at five AM.

    These pieces of their heritage
    get integrated in their
    marriages to effect the
    new generation.

    So now what you see,
    on US MTV, is a mix
    of the whole world
    on one TV station.

    It will take some time
    to undo the reply
    from our parents, who
    thought them foe.

    For in a decade or so
    we'll all be so old,
    that America
    is all we know.

    And in this idea
    we can start to feel
    the interconnected-ness

    I do my thing,
    you do yours.
    Cause eventually
    we'll be reborn,
    into a place
    that is so mixed
    there is no race
    and we can live
    face to face.
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