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    seelifein69 - Weekly Poetry Contest (191) Winner

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, May 18, 2012.

    Taking the Time
    By seelifein69

    I am quite the little devil
    When it comes to ticks and tocks
    But one thing I can’t accomplish
    Is simply setting back the clock

    One of two things happen, now
    Either I sit by and wait to die
    Or take life by the horns and
    Steal the time that’s sailing by.

    So when you hear that hiss
    Or scary bump in the night,
    Remember me, the Chronic Thinker
    And hold onto your Rolex tight.

    Because I eat ticks for breakfast,
    Put those tocks straight in my bank,
    But in my new found everlasting
    There was never time to think

    About this death and my forever
    And of the large universal reality
    Of loved ones dying around me
    And my never changing immortality

    In a thousand years, I will still be
    Where I will, I don’t now know
    But in my hand, my timepiece
    And I will be wondering where to go
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    yay! I liked this theme. thanks guys :]
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