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    Jan 27, 2022
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    Self Published w/o ISBN - Now what??

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by Joanie, Jan 27, 2022.

    Hello all! I self published and printed a book for a conference without much consideration of the future of the piece. Now I would like to showcase in a local bookstore (yes, we still have one!) but I do not have an ISBN and searches about obtaining one AFTER print are coming up empty!

    Can you help?

    Can I buy an ISBN and then stick it on the back cover?
    Or do I have to re-print?!

    I appreciate your wisdom!

    Thank you,
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    you should be able to update your book to take the iSBN... if uyou used a printer rather than a print on demand service you will have to reprint you're not supposed to add them after the fact...

    that said if you've got a bunch of books and you're doing your own fulfillment they may not need an isbn anyway - its usually used so they can order stock through a fulfillment service...unless the bookshop needs it to be able to scan them at the till of course...if its just that any compatible barcode would do it
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    Jan 21, 2021
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    Is adding an ISBN after the fact any different from correcting an incorrect ISBN?

    From the R.R. Bowker web site: https://www.myidentifiers.com/faq/ownership-and-reusage


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