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    Editor Discussion Self-Publishing - Hiring an Editor

    Discussion in 'Self-Publishing' started by S.J. Rhodes, Aug 26, 2020.

    Hello everyone! I have a book series that I started 10 years ago and am finally taking the leap into actually self-publishing.

    My question is about hiring an editor. Obviously I want to hire one, but I've been looking around and not sure where to start.

    I saw NY Book Editors and wondered if anyone has had any experiences with them.

    I saw some bad reviews about Reedsy.

    Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!! :)
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    I have been negotiating with some editors on Reedsy and, while my experience in talking to them has been pleasant, they have been pretty expensive. I got quoted more than 5,000 dollars for my novel "The Exclusion Zone", which clocks in at around 70k words. To be fair, it was for a comprehensive review and the editor admitted his fee was on the high side. Still, that's way outside my budget.

    If you wanna go with NY editors, you gotta keep in mind that real estate is massively over-inflated there. NY based editors might actually be forced to charge high prices just to survive in that city. Dunno, though. Just my view on things.
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