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    Philadelphia, PA

    Share the plot of your story

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Miller0700, Sep 22, 2016.

    Since sharing the first three sentences' thread is off to a good start, why not start with this one. You can share the plot of any short story or novel you are working on or plan to write. Others can give feedback or whatever.

    I'll start:

    Border City was created 75 years ago and people were soon invited to live, work and play in the city. Little did they know that it was for an unethical, yet promising experiment. Back then scientists had created a series of small red capsules known as “Infernogen.” The capsules were created in a classified project known as “Frontlines.” The scientists soon released it into the air, water, and soil of the City. Because Border City resided in a depression, the scientists didn't have to worry about the Infernogen going anywhere else. The Infernogen's initial purpose is to increase brain power by boosting the citizen's intellectual capacity while diminishing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and psychological ones such as depression. Border City was to be the ideal city that all cites worldwide would soon want to strive towards. Infernogen would've been marketed as "the next cure for Polio."

    The Infernogen worked well in the trail run, but something went wrong when it finally got to humans. Instead of heightened IQs, people began hallucinating. Real life blurred with fantasy. The city inhabitants soon embraced their visions as reality, so the lid on the project was yet to be blown. Instead of abandoning their project, the scientists studied the effects of the Infernogen on the population in hopes of perfecting it. To be sure the secret would never be revealed a secret task force was created to silence those who found out about Project Frontlines.
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    Jan 25, 2016
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    Sounds like the Infernogen scientists are real monsters! You gave a great background, but if I were reading this to see if I wanted to buy the book, I'd want to know who the main character is and what he/she is going to do in the story. If what you wrote is the story, and we read how Border City progresses throughout the book, I think you should personalize this more to what the MC is going to experience.

    Or am I looking too much for back-cover blurb type stuff? I don't really know how to give feedback for plots.
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    Jun 5, 2016
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    Summary of my current WIP, tentatively titled "Lifted Spririts":

    When Kishore Cheruvalath finds himself burned out from trying to climb the cutthroat ladder of the pharmaceutical industry, he cuts ties and tries for a new start in an unknown city. The dilapidated house he plans to renovate is a decent enough gamble, and even comes with a welcoming and attractive next door neighbor, Daniel Voigt.

    But quickly unsettling events occur in Kishore’s new home; without explanation, items relocate through the house, things go bump in the night, and shadowy figures lurk in the corners. Soon Kishore is unable to shake the feeling that his house might be haunted. Can Kishore and Daniel figure things out before it overshadows their burgeoning romance, or might the ghosts of the past be able to ultimately stand in their way?
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    Just Friends

    Teenage loner Kevin is more interested in finishing high school than girls- that is in until he meets his 18 year old cousin Dianna at a family reunion, and my, has Dianna grown. Now Kevin has six months to break up Dianna and her jock boyfriend, convince her not to leave for Europe fashion school next fall, and get her to fall for her lanky underage relative. There's also Dianna's family German shepherd, who....well, let's not get into that here...Welcome to Just Friends, where everyone wants a piece, and no one is really "just friends."
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    South West, England
    Cornwall, UK. Jay and Harry enjoyed an evening at the pub. A few beers, few games of pool, and a dust up later. They make their way home, enjoy a bottle of jack together before spending a day in a self induced coma. They wake to find the world torn apart, nothing is the same, and the dead walk.
    The story starts five days into the apocalypse. Followed by a flashback to the night of the beers, pool and fight.
    We see the surprising arrival of two survivors before embarking on a journey to a safe area, RNAS Culdrose. On the way, they meet another survivor, a group of nasty people, a Siberian husky, lots of infected. There's some nice battles, quick humour, characters growing and adapting to the new world. Heartache and mystery, and a formidable foe, a creature that stalks the night. Will they make it to Culdrose? Is it really safe? Will they find more survivors? What's this mystery I talk about?
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  6. Safety Turtle

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    Sep 14, 2016
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    Vanløse, Copenhagen, Denmark.
    A man tries to survive and make his way through a world gone mad, where humanity is on the brink of extinction.
    Where the line between monster and human seems to be thinner and thinner and sometimes disappear entirely.
    All the while struggling with immortality and fighting to hold on to his humanity and his sanity, while being haunted by ghosts he'd rather had stayed dead.

    Now that I look at it that way, it really sounds like the trailer for a bad b-movie horror flick :p
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  7. halisme

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    Mar 18, 2015
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    I struggle with writing blurbs so, here's my plot.

    Durus, Lord of Dunmouth and Marquis of Dunend is dead. Arm removed and throat slit. Corrin did not come to Dunmouth to investigate. He came to ensure "The gold keeps on flowing" to his home. Yet the city suffers more than one death. A plague has rampaged its way through one of the lower districts, and the lord's murder has inspired a series of fanatical attacks. When Corrin visits Durus's heir, the woman makes it clear she has no intention of paying. In a last ditch attempt, he makes a proposal. He will find her father's killer, in return for the money he needs.
  8. Greenwood

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    Dec 10, 2014
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    Ruins of Old Aar
    A feudal society, divided by age-old feuds and crippled by plague and rampant poverty, threatens to be ripped apart when a new religion tries to violently impose itself upon the population. To make matters worse, the new ruler of the largest city unfolds his megalomaniac plan of uniting the realms by conquest, and an old and mysterious race of obscure but revered entities is growing ever more restless as the conflict threatens to overshadow the reverance that is due to them. Tired of human quarelling, they unleash a curse upon men, one that eats them from the inside out and may just be their undoing. In this troubled setting, we follow two political underdogs, a warlord, and a young peasant boy as war once again threatens to destroy an already troubled land. How will they react while the world falls apart around them? Can they recognize that armed conflict is not the greatest curse that can befall them? The fires of war are one thing, the decay of all one has ever known is a different horror altogether.
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    Oct 1, 2016
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    some place.
    A great disaster made the world uninhabitable for humans except those living in 7 experimental city domes that were part of a space colonization program. 400 years later a young man leads a rebellion against the corrupted government which oppresses the poor and controls the lives of everyone in the cities they control. When a young man is found who was part of a super soldier program and kept in suspended animation for 400 years the rebels now must protect this young man from those who would use him for their own goals. Odin the young man in question must find his own place in this strange world that is nothing like what he knew while also learning the basics of human interaction and discovering who and what exactly he is. Throw in a street rat with attitude, A bad boy with a sarcastic streak who loves to tease Odin, a spit fire Asian ex-royalty, the strategic genius leader of the rebellion, a government with secrets and a mad scientist and you've got a nice recipe for chaos.
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  10. atsgtm2018

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    Aug 22, 2016
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    Title: Keepsake

    After the suicide of their close friend, a group of friends reunite for his funeral to only to find out he had left them a series of personal letters. When his final words puts a strain on the group, their trust and relationships are tested with each other and those close to them, which leads them to discover secrets and ugly truths about each other and their lost friend.
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  11. sprirj

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    It was the call DI Simon Skinner had been dreading, another murder. But not just a murder, one with a direct link to his current investigation. So unfolds the case of the Cupid killer, a serial killer who is killing lonely people on Valentine's Day each year by driving an arrow through their heart. Obsessed with this deranged case, Skinners own life and mind begins to unravel, until six years and six unsolved murders later, Skinners own marriage breaks down, and he finds himself alone in his apartment on Valentine's Day, and there is someone in the shadows outside.
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    Overland Park, KS
    Noah's life consists of transporting, burning, packing, and dissolving trash from the Earth. Most people have evacuated the planet, aside from rural tribes that couldn't afford it and earthbound zealots who refused to leave. Noah is not particularly fond of his routine, lonely lifestyle, but he gets through it by fantasizing about the day the Earth is clean again, thanks to him. While sorting the trash one day, Noah comes across a little robot that can store its owner's thoughts, feelings, dreams, etc. and trigger them again in the owner's mind later, via the mandatory brain implants that everyone has. They were a huge fad at one point, so he decides to keep it around as a novelty item. This particular bot is malfunctioning, however. It picks up bits and pieces of other people's thoughts and dreams, which he finds quite entertaining until he sees images of a young woman running from something, and he feels her terror and desperation as if he were being chased himself. He panics and goes to work fine-tuning the bot to pick up her thoughts, specifically, so he can try to help her. As he chases after her, her feelings and thoughts and desires and fears start trickling into his mind, and soon he feels like he knows her. He laughs with her, he cries with her, and he stays awake well into the night as her demons haunt both of them. As he gets closer to her, he starts to figure out why she's running and what she's running from, and the more he finds out, the more he realizes that he's running out of time to save her.
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    Sure I can't really make the plot interesting, because the characters are what drive the story. :p

    A squad of 7ft+ Reptilian soldiers abduct a 4 person elite Terran squad. One dies upon reanimation from
    cryo-stasis. The commanding officer is thawed first and shown evidence of what his faction has really
    been up to, since he has been frozen 150 years. The evidence turns out to be true to his 'enemy's' word,
    and it turns out his enemy is not really his enemy. So a vicious and violent conflict is the officers only
    solution to solving the problem. They set out on a massive war-ship armored and arm to the teeth with
    800,000 reptilian soldiers, and begin a slowly growing campaign. Rescuing a rather unique and not as
    terrifying bio-engineered creature that likes to torture people, at the beginning of their developing war.
    The two military MCs create a bond of friendship over slaughtering the faction they both despise with
    no love loss, and sparing the innocent beings caught in the middle. Finding an ally in an 8ft silicone
    based race with a battleship of 300,000 strong, of these four armed thin creatures. In a joint effort
    they wreak havoc and hell on the faction in contempt. And in the end they only hope they can gain
    safe passage through Martian airspace, as the Martians don't really like it when any military craft
    just waltz into their air space.
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    Pennsylvania, USA
    2 current WIPs:

    "Cottonwood" takes place in a small southern town. The sheriff is corrupt (surprise, right?) and there is a man behind him pulling the strings (remember Boss Hogg from The Dukes Of Hazzard?). Everyone does as they are told until a retirement age New Jersey native moves into town with his sidekick. The northerner gets into some dust-ups with the local sheriff and decides to remove him from power in the upcoming election. Problem is everyone is too scared to vote for a replacement. What no one knows is that the northerner is a 'retired' mafioso and isn't afraid to do what mafia dons do. Sprinkle in competing love interests, a daughter who doesn't know what her dad did for a living and a sidekick obsessed with becoming a redneck despite his Italian blood and entertainment results (hopefully).

    "Diner" (working title) sees a handful of travelers come together in a Nebraska roadside diner during a blizzard. Two are kidnappers. One is the victim. One is a man intent on rescuing her from the kidnappers. Two more arrive to take the kidnapped girl for a cash payment. Add a state trooper who arrives having no idea what is going on and a waitress intent on riding off into the proverbial sunset with the Intent Man. Murders, surprise character motives and the problem of being trapped in one place round it out.

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