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    Short Story Contest (11) Winner anthraxx - Topic: (Time) Travel

    Discussion in 'Monthly Short Story Contest Archives' started by Gannon, Oct 28, 2007.

    Congratulations go to anthraxx for her winning entry in the contest 11. Apologies for the slight delay in posting her victory. For details on how to enter contest 12 see this thread.

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    anthraxx - Too many Barbie Dolls

    I, Britney Wilson was curled up in my bed sheet, thinking of what would I write in my test. The coming day I was going to write an essay about our future. It was a test, and as I had a wild imagination, I wanted to get an A+. But no idea came to my mind which was sassy enough.
    The clock struck 9:00 pm. Bad luck. Time for bed. I cuddled up in my quilt, still thinking of an idea when I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was lying on a mattress, which was inside a tent. It was extremely hot. I went outside and looked around. All I saw was a sandy desert, and another tent a few paces away. I went towards that tent and looked inside. I saw a little girl sleeping. Above her head was a mirror. I looked at the image in the mirror and gasped. I was wearing a cowboy suit and I looked just like a Barbie doll! I was amazed. Almost immediately, the girl woke up.
    “Sister! I hate it when you sneak up on me!” ,she said.
    The girl looked just like a Barbie doll too! She wore a little frock with hemmed ends on the contrary. “Sorry”, I said, and backed away. At that she got up and said, “Anyways, we have to go to Sir Istanbul”, and trotted towards the east direction of the desert. I followed her, and soon found ourselves nearing towards another tent. We went inside and greeted Sir Istanbul, who looked like an old, wrecked man, but not like the ones I had seen. He too, looked like a doll made of plastic.
    “Ladies! Good thing you came. Rosie today is your test. And Jasmine, you may go”, he said politely. I was about to leave when Sir Istanbul asked Rosie, “Rosie, you may tell me all about the world and its history. Then you will go to work too, like your sister does”. I stopped and said, “I may stay.” and sat down inside the tent. Rosie said,” The world has six kingdoms. The one we are living in is a huge desert and called Mexicana. On its upper right is Poor hole, which is quite big and is frozen. Thus, it is very poor. Under it, is Euroe. It is ruled by Queen Euro, and is the richest land of all. Beneath it is the civilized Austra.” I was amazed. What was that doll talking about? Where am I? What in the world is Mexicana? Will I ever get home? Many other questions whirled around me. Right away, we left the tent and walked back to our so-called home.
    “Umm Rosie, tell me one thing seriously”, I said at last.
    “Sure Jasie. What is it?” she asked.
    “What is happening?” I asked, angrily.
    “Calm down sister. I’m soon going to get a job like you. Really, living here is not easy when only one person works. Relax. I’ll work from tomorrow”, she said.
    “I’m not your sister. I’m Britney Wilson living in the 21st century!” I said, angrily.
    “Really? It’s however impossible. Don’t fool me. You might have a name like Britney and may not be my sister, but you are certainly not in the 21st century”, she said sarcastically, but surprised.
    “Why?” I asked.
    “We are the second generation, dumb head”, she said. I was silent.
    “What is the date today?” I asked, trembling.
    “Hello! We use two calendars. One is the old calendar of the life forms before, and the other is ours. Our calendar says that today is 16th Fairy 80”, she said.
    “And the other one?” I asked, still trembling.
    “16th February 20000”, she said, “You should know all this”.
    My ear rang with the words. I was in the future! How could it be! I was transformed into a doll as I came here and was given this identity! It’s impossible! I better return home. Oh my! Today’s the test! I better go to school or else I’ll be doomed! I looked my self. I was certainly not 13! I looked like an 18-year-old. Suddenly, a charming doll-like boy came in sight. He was wearing a cowboy suit as well.
    “Hey darling! I saw you before, quarreling with Queen Euro. What are you doing here?” he asked, surprised.
    “What are you talking about Ross? She was with me all morning!” she said, surprised. Ross seemed like he'd drop dead in surprised. That instance, a doll exactly like me came towards us. She choked as she saw me. Everyone was as surprised as she was.
    “I remember now! You can’t be my sister! She was gone on inspection yesterday and said she’d return the next noon!” Rosie said out soon enough.
    She gave me a glare and asked, “Who are you, stranger?”
    “Yeah, who are you?” asked Jasie with even more anger,
    “Yeah, who’s messing with my fiancé?” asked Ross, ready to attack me.
    “Look, I can explain!” I said, worried.
    “Oh, most probably you are Queen Euro’s agent, trying to destroy our home”, said Jasie, and punched me.
    Ouch! She hit me so bad that my lips started to bleed.
    “Hey!” I said and ran for my life.
    “Hey, she’s getting away!” said Rosie and everyone ran after me. They certainly weren’t advancedenough, looking at their living and style. As I found one, I hid at the back of a thorny bush. Luckily, they didn’t notice me and I took a breath of freedom. I was about to lie down when some one touched me. I turned around and I saw toy soldiers. Just that they were of my size and were as evil as the dolls were! They tied me up and took me away, despite all ym struggles. After a while, they stopped and put me down at the feet of a beautiful doll.
    “Queen Euro, we have captured your greatest enemy, Jasie” they said.
    She gave me an evil grin and said, “I got you at last, rascal. Now, as I have you in my hands, I will destroy this land, and I will be in total power, and will soon destroy Austra too!” and she laughed.
    “I’m not Jasie”, I managed to say.
    “Oh really? As if I am stupid enough to believe you!” she said.
    “But I am really not Jasmine! I am Britney Wilson, from the past”, I said, helplessly.
    “What?” she said surprised.
    “Yes. I am one of the dangerous life forms and have taken shape of a doll like you. I am here to re-conquer my land, and destroy you! see my eyes? They are glowing because of my identity!” I said, with a plan in my mind. I knew the Queen wasn't very smart.
    “Oh no! I’m dead! The humans are back!” she said and ran away.
    “You’re not the only one dead!” said the soldiers and ran away too.
    “Losers!” I laughed, and freed myself from the ropes.
    As I freed myself, I spotted the dolls running towards me. I was terrified. I ran northwards that moment. They shot me by a gun, and I fell down, injured awfully. In spite of their hatred, they felt sorry for me and took care of me until I woke up. I opened my eyes and saw three dolls, looking at me. I was scared that they might kill me, so I pushed them away and ran out of the tent. They followed me and finally got their hands on me.
    “We got her!” said Rosie, delighted.
    “Yee-haw!” said Ross.
    “So, who are you, stranger?” asked Jasie, smiling with compassion.
    I let out a long sigh and said,
    “I’m Britney. I’m 13-years-old and have no idea what am I doing here”. They stared at me for a minute.
    “You’re not Queen Euro’s agent?” asked Rosie.
    “No! I’m nobody’s agent. I am from the 21st century!” I screamed.
    “You are a human!” they said.
    “Yes. And I must go home. Please help me”, I said.
    “Sure. Don’t worry. Sorry for our behavior”, said Jasie, ashamed.
    Then she rang a bell. And I opened my eyes. I was in my room, lying on my bed. It was a dream! I quickly dressed for school. After I gave the test, Alice asked me, “So, what did you write in the essay?" I looked up and said mischievously, “You don’t want to know, do you?”

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