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    Short story Idea

    Discussion in 'Science Fiction' started by Crawford81, Jun 18, 2017.

    So I have this short story idea and I'm not quiet sure how well it is. I was wondering if I could get any critiques on how to improve it. So there is a man who begins keeping audio logs and sending them to his psychiatrist. The short story would be set up as an audio log and then the psychiatrists analysis of that log. It would soon be found out that the man is the Vice President and soon takes over for the president who is killed after he goes crazy. The kicker is that this is all actually a simulation and the psychiatrist is in on it. The president figured out that it was a simulation and that's why he was killed.
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    Well hi there.:superhello:

    Sounds kinda complex and interesting. Sounds like a Mystery/Thriller
    kinda story. As long as you can format it in such a way so that it all
    works together between the recordings and the narrative, you should
    be fine.

    No to only left to do...
    bang-head-on-keyboard.gif~c200.gif Write it. :supersmile:
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    I think format is everything when it comes to something like this. I kind of picture the chapters being formatted like this. PS the chapter names will be very generic in my example. I just want to get my point across:

    Chapter I: Patient Log 1
    Chapter II: Analysis 1
    Chapter III: Patient Log 2
    Chapter IV: Analysis 2
    and so on...

    You could also play with the idea that the audio tapes are arriving out of order. In other words, "Patient Log 10" is the first chapter. It might help build tension/suspense. Just a thought.

    The idea reminds me somewhat of Frederik Pohl's Gateway (Heechee Saga). It might be something to read for inspiration. If I recall correctly, the main story is told in therapy sessions. It might be useful for you. I really enjoyed the book and need to read it again.
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    Have you read many psychiatric case studies?

    It wouldn't hurt to do a little research for authenticity. Maybe if you live near a school, a college, or a university with a psychology department, you could make an appointment to grill them for answers.

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