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    sirhoot and Drdoggerel - Joint Poetry Contest (98) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jan 14, 2010.

    My apologies about this, but it has been brought to my attention that I forgot to post the winners thread for the 98th Poetry Contest. I am sorry about this, but I would like to remind people that I am only human, and do (frequently) make mistakes. So here is the somewhat belated thread.

    Sailing With Granddad
    By sirhoot

    "Now fold it there, make sure it's straight.

    Then that bit, too. You're doing great"

    "Did you sail, Granddad, in the war?"

    "I sailed the seven seas, and more!"

    "The oceans wide, the oceans blue.

    Then tuck that in - we don't need glue."

    "Is that it finished?"

    "Yep, well done. Now let's go sail. Come on my son."

    It's many years though I recall

    With warmth the time the ships were tall.

    We sailed the seas, the Spanish Main

    I'll sail with Granddad once again.


    HMS Kite
    By Drdoggerel

    You buck and billow, gaudy galleon, cruising through the cirrus surf.

    Spooling out into the heavens; feet placed firmly on the earth,

    in place of first mate, crew and captain at your helm, a puppeteer.

    In sole control, he navigates this brightly-coloured buccaneer.

    Your guy-ropes creak, your topsail crackles, guided by terrestrial hand

    manoeuvred through a strange flotilla, celestial majesty unmanned.

    Ribboned rhomboids, streamered serpents loop and arc around your mizzen.

    To port a sea of upturned faces, to starboard blue with no horizon.

    But, winds of mutiny take purchase, your admiral is set adrift

    and floating loose without a purpose your freedom is a deadly gift.

    Your anchor lines become entangled, receding at a rate of knots

    until a branch at awkward angle splits through your bow like cannon-shot.

    You limply hang in plastic tatters, an allegory for life unchecked,

    for with no firm hand at the rudder we could all as soon be wrecked.
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    I didn't - unfortunately - vote in this one (missed it, as usual), but I think these two poems well deserve the first place. :)

    Congrats Sirhoot and Drdoggerel! :)
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