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    Smashwords Formatting

    Discussion in 'Software' started by XLadyX, Feb 21, 2015.

    Has anyone been able to be successful with Smashwords formatting? I can't seem to get the lines between the paragraphs to align properly that I just said screw it and published my short story. So far no one has complained about the formatting and they all seem to enjoy my story luckily, but still it bugs me that I can't get the lines and spacing to look right, stupid auto vetter stuff. It is still semi readable but could be better read if I could just get the lines and spacing right. I've tried to look up the instructions for formatting Smashwords but it gave me a headache trying to get past the first paragraph because there's just way too much stuff to know. Kindle isn't as complicated at all and publishes directly from Word to Kindle without any spacing and formatting troubles. I don't know why Smashwords has to be this difficult!
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    I'd commend you to follow the Smashwords Guide? See here:


    If you don't want to then I think you'll find a lot of difficulties. I used the SG and everything worked fine for me.

    The first paragraph gave you a headache? As far as I can tell it's, "Welcome to Smashwords!" :);)

    Many people regard a wordprocessor as an electronic typewriter. It is not. Without more information, I can't help you much, but I'm guessing it's the paragraph styles that might be causing issues. Let me know.

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