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    Sniper and Selbbin - Joint Weekly Poetry Contest (212) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Nov 2, 2012.

    Harbinger of Darkness
    By Sniper

    The wind whispers through the eaves
    Dancing with the autumn leaves,
    The scent of smoke, a clink of keys
    The icy, frozen Gate

    The figure stands before the door,
    A scythe in hand forever more
    His cloak spread across the floor
    The avatar of Fate

    He watches the souls within the light,
    Himself the guardian of twilight,
    Holding behind him the bitter night,
    The icy, frozen Gate

    They come before him one by one,
    And kneel upon the darkling sun,
    In wretched mercy he spares none,
    The avatar of Fate

    And so the doors swing open wide,
    Embracing those who walk inside
    The sweet den of scented lies
    The warm, inviting Gate

    He stands alone before the sky,
    And raises his curved scythe on high,
    Darkness, freed, begins to fly
    The avatar of Fate

    Behemoth door
    By Selbbin

    There it is: behemoth door!
    Scratch and pad it with my paw,
    Mewl and cry to let me in,
    Forgive me for my shameful sin.

    It looks like cold and wind and rain,
    Let me on the bed again.
    I won’t defile it any more,
    Not while you’re home that’s for sure!
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    Joint again! I'd better write some better stuff to get across the line. Nice work Sniper!
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