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    So I'm here

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by 5ht, Jul 2, 2015.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a college student from Lithuania.
    Somewhat unlike myself I came here spontaneously. Thoughts about writing have been darting in and out for a while now.
    Exams in university ended a week ago and the last one was in art therapy in which, among other things, we had to express ourselves in writing. That wasn't a new experience since I have dabbled in writing before and didn't particularly hate it. Being quite rubbish at every other form of self-expression I have always thought that if I ever find an artistic part of myself it would have to be writing. I don't really expect to be good at it, and I haven't yet decided what I ultimately want to achieve. Don't even know if I want to write in my native language or English. Nonetheless, sometimes when scanning bookshelves in bookstores I imagine what it would feel like to be part of that culture, the community of writers. Surely it can't be bad.
    In school I liked getting my thoughts out on paper. Mostly abstract ideas but also a few verty short pieces of fiction. Upon rereading they're quite cringeworthy, at least to me. No matter in what fashion I decide to pursue my urge to write, be it fiction or non-fiction, I will certainly need to brush up my skills.

    So I'm here, ready to try.
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    Hi, 5ht, and welcome to the forum! Please check out our New Member Quick Start Guide - it links to the Rules and has a bunch of other helpful information. It'll get you going around here.

    Participate and have fun! :)

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