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    Some assistance with pathos please!

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by AlexNOSAM, Apr 1, 2011.

    I'm currently working on a short story (my first writing piece I'm going to accomplish).
    Generally the main character in that story is a very frustrated fellow that happen to have a really bad day. What I want is to make the reader feel the rage of the character - that they will literally get angry even a bit when they'll read what he's going through.

    What I did until now is using a lot of adjectives, primarily of things an average person would find frustrating like being stuck in a traffic jam only to hear crap from your boss about being late and things like that. I also led the character to a point of breakdown where he really gets angry and start cussing but I'm not really sure if that part would get people to feel angry at that point.
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    Try it, let it rest, then re-read it.

    Is this justified breakdown, or internal anger issues?

    I'm not sure if you could reliably make someone angry. My own triggers move, but still remain constant to myself. Someone else's triggers would be different. There are people who don't react to getting directly insulted, and others who fly off the handle at a mild insult.
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    Adding to Smoke's comment, you can't know how the reader should react. Write your story and let the readers' reactions be their own.
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    That's a bad way to go about it, IMO. If you just tell a good story you can suck your reader into it; they'll find themselves empathizing with the characters without ever suspecting they're being manipulated.

    But hell, H.P. Lovecraft was an extremely successful horror writer, and half of his prose is just his MC saying "I was so frightened. There was a terror building up inside of me" and stuff. And he scared people ****less.
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    You could enrage the reader by making a long sentence WITH punctuation; this creates an effect like drowning, drowning in a sea of words, and you could go on and on with some tangents that relate to story, and just watch your character fume and burst, flail and rant, scream and shout, beep and horn, and then see his blood boil -- and what not.

    Or you could immerse your reader by just showing what hell your character is in.

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