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    by J. D. White

    Stormbringer stands on the empty plain, his bare feet joining his body to earth mother, the interconnection of earth and sky now complete. Earth mother's strength rises through Stormbringer's torn body filling his marrow with her power. Stormbringer's arms stretch away from his body perpendicular to the plain. Eastward massive gray-black mountains block the horizon. Rising to touch the blue sky, the mountain's snow covered peaks reflect the brilliant light of the sun father. Westward the brown dusty plain stretches flatly to the sea-green ocean. Sea-green, the color of the lord of the depth's eyes. The green waters curve away and are lost in the white mist of the horizon.

    To Stormbringer winds from the four corners of the earth rush with a howling madness. As the winds crash together over Stormbringer's head the vapor they carry compresses forming dozens of dancing black inverted pyramids each spinning, at first high above the plain then slowly twisting down to touch the face of earth mother. The roar of the cyclones blots out all mundane sounds. The winds eat earth mother pulling into the sky the brown dry grasses and the parched dusty soil that covers her.

    Stormbringer feels the pain of earth mother and slowly turns the palms of his hands toward the sky. Slowly he lifts his hands upward.

    The winds obeys.

    The cyclones rise from earth mother ending this part of her torment.

    Stormbringer knows pain. The scars of his body testify to his once and forever torment. The emptiness of the sockets where eyes once opened to a soul tell a tale of suffering. The wind gusts about Stormbringer twisting his dark hair. Stormbringer can not hear the wind. His ears have been pierced taking from him the ability to hear. He has been left with only his scar covered skin.

    With that skin he feels the winds around him.

    With that skin he feels the power of earth mother.

    With that skin he feels the heat of sun father.

    Now Stormbringer feels the torment of earth mother.





    She has been tormented by the sun father beyond her memory. Great cracks criss-cross the plain. These cracks cover earth mother's skin like the scars cover Stormbringer's body.

    Now Stormbringer lifts his hands and the dark clouds gather high in the domain of the sky above where he stands. Distant thunder vibrates against Stormbringer's skin while flashes of lighting reflect off his body.

    Stormbringer lifts his arms higher.

    Now above his shoulders

    Now above his head.

    Now the fingers of each hand touch together.

    The first drops of rain strike Stormbringers face. The drops of rain spread from the body of Stormbringer outward striking earth mother. The first drops are encased in miniature cloud of dust as they strike earth mother. The circle of rain spreads further away from Stormbringer. The leading edge of the circle is defined by small clouds of dust. Soon the water falling from the clouds has obscured the mountain to the east. The sea-green ocean vanishes behind a gray wall of falling water.

    Stormbringer stands, his feet connected to earth mother, his hands touching the sky lord, his body connecting them.

    Slowly the dust covering earth mother mixes with the rain and becomes mud. Healing mud flows down into the cracks in the skin of earth mother smoothing her skin and eases her torment. The brown grasses push up from her grasp to gather in the water that Stormbringer has commanded from the sky lord.

    I stand on the white wooden porch of my home looking across the plains of Oklahoma. The rain is coming. I can smell it. I can see the gray-blue clouds on the horizon. Darker gray-blue lines angle down from the clouds showing where the rain is falling to the earth. The sound of distant thunder reaches my ears followed by the flash of lighting seconds later. If I place my hands over my eyes I can see Stormbringer standing in the center of the rain, his scars fading in the gentle rain.

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