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    Stormy Night

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by ThunderAngel, Jul 21, 2018.

    Some big thunderstorms are moving over us tonight and it inspired me to log in and do a progress journal.

    My Gothic horror anthology series, Memoirs of Asylum, is coming along rather nicely. I have two memoirs in revision stage and three in writing.

    Darkling currently stands at 11,146 words; it's the most complex of the memoirs. It contains a bit of history regarding the remarkable origin and terrifying purpose of Asylum, North Carolina. It also contains somewhat unique science-fiction elements as well as some surprising connections to actual historical events.

    The Visitor has, at this time, 2,883 words. It's the most typical and straight-forward entry, considering it was written by a teenage girl whose family migrated from the inner city of Chicago; her first night in Asylum ends in a surprisingly violent and enlightening way.

    Eyes in The Dark
    is at 1,773 words; it's currently in the writing stage. It's the second most complex memoir because it is written by a local journalist who documents his investigation of a lost digital camera that was found in the forest; the last image on the SD card suggests a terrible end for the camera's owner. The problem for the journalist, however, is that the small, ragtag team of monster-hunters he has collected to help him find answers to explain the horrifying image seem to have deep-seated trust issues with one another; something the journalist will have to contend with before the end.

    Project Illuminate stands at 2,244 words; it's the lightest of the memoirs in tone, containing quite a bit of humor. Nevertheless, it does deal with something extremely dark in the beginning, which necessitates the quick exodus of its writer and his mother from Washington DC. He explains how they came under the protection of someone more powerful than the federal government, but it required settling in Asylum, which, as he learns, is not the backward, boring community he imagined it to be.

    The LAN Party
    is currently at 4,021 words. It is written in a unique format because the one who authored it is a super advanced AI named GRACE, or Graphically Represented Artificially Cognitive Entity, "All caps, no decimals!" as she puts it. She documents the strange, frightful events that occur on the night her programmer and his friends get together to play the latest FPS game. The night ends with the discovery of a new species of monster with a power so terrifying that drastic measures must be taken to keep it from harming any of them ever again.

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