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    Story based on dream that was cut short

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by SilverShade, Mar 23, 2018.

    this is based off a dream, no outside references at all

    so I'm trying to write this /story/

    magic in this world works as "charged particles" as a sort of 3.5th dimension, it's affected and can affect the physical world but it's enharent state is more or less absolute and hard to change. People who's first few cells are made during storms, (lightning storms) are usually able to use magic .. which causes many people to "try for baby" during storms, this was only found out recently so while there are many magical people under the age of 8, very few are adults.

    2 witches in their 20s fix magical artifacts and magical problems for people around /region/
    they get called to this one expensive estate, with ponds and a river running through it, so one witch stays on the boat they used to get there.
    the other witch, let's call her Ginger (they don't have names yet.. I'm terrible with names) and her companion (Sher)
    ginger tries to find the owner but is unable to locate them and tries to locate the magical object (it was an object in this case) by looking for the highest concentrations of magic. Most of the magic she sees is withing the house, but she does notice one in an island on one of the many ponds in the estate.
    she says "water walking" and retrieves the vase which had been spewing magic everywhere. she walks over to a pagoda and sits on the couch in there and begins to sort out the magic withing the vase, taking some of the charged particles within herself
    2 witches come out of the estate and ginger cays "invisible" and "ghost" to conceal herself because the letter of request mentioned nothing of whiches/wizards. The two witches come towards the pagoda and start cuddling each other (it was a dream? very random but what else should I change that to)
    ginger tries her best to keep hidden, and one of the witches gets up and looks like she is about to leave
    the witch turns around and pounces on ginger saying "so you thought I didn't know you where here" bounds her in magic, and leads her to the estate. Ginger's friend has made the boat vanish apparently, because ginger can't see it.
    The witches lead ginger to a tower, where a wizard is messing with maps. The witches and wizard converse and eventually the second witch tells the first to enslave ginger (with magic)
    ginger and the 3 others then start some kind of journey and the witch asks ginger what she is capable of...
    ginger uses her magic to transform the nearby matter (a large rock and some rotting vegetation) into a large wagon. The witch conjures up a cage and ginger is made to get inside. donkeys from the estate are used to pull the wagon for a while, until they get to a clearing after a few days
    And that's when I woke up
    but it was such an interesting dream I'd like to continue writing it..
    does anyone have any ideas for what should even happen in this story?

    -the wizard and 2 witches want ginger because she can work with old magic and extract i
    -the wizard and 2 witches are more powerful than Ginger and Sher
    -the setting is in a very large world, without modern technology
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    What in the name of God are you talking about?
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    I'm gonna be honest with you, I only skimmed your post because it's poorly formatted, but if asking this ^ is the point of the thread, I can really only say that figuring out what should happen in your story is basically job one of being a writer. It's not really something other people can help with. Figure out the story you want to tell.
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    Hi, @SilverShade. Yeah, I agree with @izzybot. If your dream meant something to you, let the ideas cook in your head for a while. Write down details that you remember, or you think are important. The more you ponder the issue, the more connections will occur to you, and the more solidly you can envision what your story might be like and fill in any gaps with your imagination.

    We can comment on a story once you've got it written, but if it's still in the 'should this be a story?' stage, that's up to you. Anything can be a story if you write it. So if the ideas in your dream intrigue YOU (never mind us) get them written into a story. I'm sure you're not the first person to write a story based on a dream, nor will you be the last. So good luck to you. At least you're not stuck for ideas. And this is a great stage to be in, when it comes to writing. You're enthusiastic, you've got an idea you think might work, a couple of characters to build on, you seem to have a strong sense of the setting—and there is nobody judging you.

    Maybe concentrate on the feelings you had when you woke up from the dream? Were you excited? Scared? Annoyed? Intrigued? These feelings can maybe offer you a clue as to what kind of a story this could be. Go with them, and see if you can flesh out your main characters. Also ask yourself if any of this dream hooks into your own life in any way. The characters? Was there one of them in particular whom you identified with? Were 'you' one of them in the dream, or were you just watching them all? Are any of them people you know, or do they remind you of people you know? Does the setting remind you of someplace you've been? Or someplace you'd like to be? Or someplace you'd rather avoid? Think about your dream in these terms, and you might be able to see where the story might actually lie.

    This is just you and your imagination and the words you can find to bring your imagination to life. This is the fun bit, so enjoy it. Keep it to yourself till you know it's going to work. And keep working at it until it does. THEN start showing it around. Then we'll have something to dig into, to give you feedback on, and to help ferret out any problems.

    I see you've just joined the forum yesterday, so welcome to it! :) I look forward to seeing something more, once you get your thoughts organised and your story actually written. Once you get it done, then is when to start looking for feedback. There is nothing else we can say just now. We can't say "no, that will never be a great story" or "yes, that's sure to be a great story." Nor are we going to tell you what we think the story should be about. That is, as izzybot pointed out, your job as the writer, not ours. We, as readers, can only react to what you actually write. Just now, we can only say it's not a story ...yet ...but it might prove worthy.

    So ...get it figured out, and get it written. And have fun doing just that.
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