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    Story Books

    Discussion in 'General Writing' started by no_Wedge, Mar 10, 2009.

    When writing a book that is composed of a story, or multiple stories given from a person, but not written or copywrited. Is it required to pay the person for income received by publishing the stories, or is it only necessary to show the source of the story?
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    First off, the word is copyrighted. Copywriting is writing copy, such as advertising material or publicity releases.

    A copyright only applies to a completed work on a durable medium. Defining durable can be problematic. An ice sculpture is copyrighted as an artistic expression, even if it melts the next day, although one or more photographs would probably be necessary to file a claim of copyright infringement.

    If a story is written down, or recorded on an audio tape, it is copyrighted, even if the story was written on a handful of stained paper napkins. Under international copyright laws, the copyright attaches to the author immediately upon completion of the first draft, regardless of whether the author has reqistered the copyright.
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    if you are asking people to contribute their stories to you and they submit them in written form, as cog noted above, what they've submitted is then protected by copyright... so, if you are not going to pay them for it, you must get a signed release to use it...

    if they're just telling you their stories and you're writing your own version of them, it would still be best to have the 'tellers' sign releases, as the publisher may require that regardless of how you acquired them...

    before you go any further with your project, you should study up on the copyright laws:

    if payment is to be made, how you pay them and how much you pay them is up to whatever the two of you agree upon...

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