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    Story Inspirations

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by c-bebellW321, Dec 8, 2017.

    Hi there,
    I recently had an inspiration idea for a story line and wondered if anyone would be happy enough to let me share it here, and let me know what people think?

    Ok, here it goes - (my apologies if it sounds a bit rubbish)..

    I often have inspirations from my dreams and have been told this is not a bad idea, so I have started to work on this one:-

    I often have people I know in my dreams, in the most weirdest of circumstances, so what if these people while in my dreams, there could be some kind of plot based around these particular type of circumstances, or there would have to be some kind of reason behind why these things are actually happening to them? could the story be brought out of my dreams into real life?. I was thinking about making this into a kind of 'one story leads into another story' etc?..does it sound like a sci-fi type story line?

    Again I apologise if this does not make much sense to you.

    Many thanks in advance.
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    You can use whatever inspires you to write.
    Though if you are basing (and naming) characters on real people,
    you might want to get their permission before you get hit with
    some form of libel or deformation suit for using their names
    and personas.
    Otherwise go right on ahead and write what you want. :)
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    East devon/somerset border

    If you are deforming them as well as defaming them you are likely to have bigger problems
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    That aside its got as much potential as anything else. If you wander into the scarier aspects of the dream then the story wanders into horror, sexual dreams...the story goes another direction...or maybe in all directions. One Arc per genre?
    The dreamer is an insomniac because they are afraid to go to sleep? Theres alot of ways you can go.
    Because dreams are erratic and have no sense of time and place its going to be hard to tie up all the loose ends but give it a go
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