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    Story - Robert McKee.

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Max Vantage, Jun 28, 2007.

    Story by Robert McKee is practically a tutorial bible for screenwriters in that it covers a mass amount of information on how to approach screenwriting not from a technical point of view but almost philosophical.

    In it he covers pretty much the whole spectrum of substance, structure, style, design, composition, character, etc, etc, rather than the technicals (if you want that then you're better off looking for tutorial books authored by Syd Field).

    Even though it's aimed mainly at tackling screenwriting, the information can most definitely be used and applied for prose-style storytelling as the information is not rigidly contained (seeing as the title is "Story" and not "Scripts").

    He covers stories as told in films ranging from Hollywood to European, from the modern to the early days of the birth of cinema and he does well in tackling misconceptions and misguided attitudes to both.

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