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    Struggling with the plot

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Glenn Middleton, May 22, 2021.

    Rosie Parker, develops a fitness regime called " Total Body Conditioning " to help prevent people from injuring themselves when exercising. TBC revolves around 30 mins of mobility exercises and stretches that have to be performed every day, three hundred and sixty five days a year, in order to be effective.

    TBC allows you to train harder and longer, and promote body recover.

    I want TBC to create a divide in the sporting world, it helps get rid of the sports people whose game is based on physicality and not skill ( say for insistence tennis ), but also has a wider ripple effect in the world, helping people, regardless of background to lead healthier lives.

    TBC isn't a magic wand, it literally take months for people to see a difference.

    Interested in people's feedback.
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    I'm not entirely sure what you want feedback on, but if it's 'would you find it believable that 30 mins of exercise per day would let you beat Novak Djokovic', I'm going to have to go with 'no'.
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    As far as the basic premise goes, unless you're going for some kind of parody (like in One Punch Man where the main character becomes the strongest superhero in the world doing a basic exercise regime) The idea that a simple 30-minute fitness regiment could change the world of sports as we know it is going to be a hard pill to swallow. Particularly if all it does is help prevent injuries and speed up recovery time. It would help everyone who did it train more, but the people who were already ahead would stay ahead, not equalize everyone. Additionally, why would skipping a few days over a year make it stop being effective? Finally, all sports require a great degree of skill at high levels. Give the best, fittest swimmer in the world a tennis racket for the first time and he might do better than an average jo, but he'll still be crushed by a pro, so the idea that it would eradicate certain sports is equally difficult to believe.

    As for plot, plot comes from character and conflict. right now you've got the beginnings of a setting element, one which doesn't have much inherent conflict (unless you count angry tennis players revolting.) Consider reworking this setting element so it has some inherent conflict, add a character, give that character something they want, and put the conflict between them and it.

    Ex: A new drug has been developed that allows people to reach their peak physical potential with less exercise and which can't be detected by normal drug tests. Your character wants to become a professional (insert sport here) player for (compelling personal reason) but due to some medical issue has always struggled to keep up with his peers physically. Someone offers him a chance to take the drug and finally have a shot at his goal, but of course, it's banned from professional play. Now we've got a moral conflict (does he do something illegal to gain an unfair advantage?) the external conflict of needing to keep his drug use a secret, and a potential secondary conflict of the person who gave him the drug blackmailing him/being involved in some sort of conspiracy, etc. You could even draw from your initial idea about how this drug could really help people lead healthier lives and another character wants to make it available to the public but shady drug company doesn't want that because (insert reason)

    This is just one random example of course, but it should give you some ideas on how to proceed from here.
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    Where cushions are comfy, and straps hold firm.
    I don't know, seems more like part of a plot, but where is the rest?
    It's a good concept project/job for the MC, though it doesn't really
    have any action or conflict. Unless your MC(s) just live and breath
    fitness and dwell at a gym. Who are they competing with? Why are
    they 'controversial' with their training methods? Are they secretly
    surgically replacing all their clienteles muscles with carbon fiber
    muscles to enhance their physical abilities?
    Seems it needs something going on, otherwise it will not be all that
    of an exciting read. Unless you're looking to pull a Rocky style story.
    Look at all the workout regiments that are out in the real world, and
    how people choose the ones they prefer, and the ones they think are
    a load of bunk. There is no 'one size fits all' in that case.
    When you work the muscles, they get micro tears (just like bones
    get micro fractures when you run alot) and the body repairs and
    adds more cellular structure to make them stronger, larger, and
    denser to compensate for the injuries to them in way to prevent
    them from happening in the future.
    While not practical, you could alter the part of the brain that
    inhibits the body from using it's full strength. We use about
    20-30% of our physical abilities, to ensure that we don't literally
    tear ourselves apart. Get rid of that bit of the brain, and a full grown
    adult of average size and build could lift a car easily, but their tendons
    would probably snap under such extreme stress, rendering the whole
    total strength thing kinda useless.
    Lastly, work muscle is stronger than workout muscle. Physical labor
    creates a more natural strength and stamina, over doing weight training
    or basic exercises. A lumber jack could easily out perform a gym rat when
    it comes to endurance and strength, since one does it all day every day vs.
    the other who does it for 30min-1hr a day or every other day.
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    I'm sure there's a great deal of skill and mental discipline involved in every sport, so coaches will always be needed. If you're looking for opposition to a fitness system, perhaps the manufactures of slimming products could see a drop in sales and start a smear campaign, with false and exaggerated claims.

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