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    Stuck on being green

    Discussion in 'Character Development' started by MCog, Mar 31, 2016.

    Hey there.

    First let me tell you I don't write english very well, sorry.
    Secondly I have an entire story ready but one of the characters just won't come to life. Does anyone feel like throwing both ridiculous and serious and far out ideas at me? I'm a little stuck.

    It's green.
    It's a perfectionist who loves gadgets but only the finer sort.
    It's gendered but find that information to be very private.
    It's ambitious and takes orders from the more refined logical argument but not always willingly.
    It's very monogamous and connects with only one person at a time and find community oriented people to be boring, inferior, noisy, emotionally encumbered and often a waste of its time.
    It's fiercely loyal to whoever it bonds with on a deeper emotional level and will do anything to keep them safe.

    Why would a character like that, or any other character, keep an enormous secret that could save the life of their chosen partner when the partner is very sick and keeps messing up the recovery and safety of themselves? Telling the truth and getting rid of everybody else in this story would save everybody som precious time and end the story in about two pages but that would be kind of boring.
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    1. If that secret saves their partner then maybe the partner would suffer a gruesome fate. Not death as that can happen so quickly, but a life where you are stomped on by Fate.
    2. If you do that then you mess up the timeline or something bad happens in the future that directly correlates to your partner living. Research "Butterfly Effect" and here is a great place to start.
    3. What if you had to let them die to save them? That yes the character could tell their partner how they could save them, but if the character did their partner's life would be miserable, whereas the character takes the risk lets their partner die, uses the secret brings partner back to life and voila! In the meantime though, the character makes these moments with his/her partner count, not wanting to bring up the secret because they do not know for 100% if it would even work.

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