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    Suggesting an Advice Thread

    Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by aimi_aiko, Jul 12, 2011.

    I would love to see an advice thread on here. I know you recieve all kinds of advice all over the forums, but I'm not talking about writing advice, or anything like that.

    The kind of advice forum I'm talking about is personal problems people would like to recieve advice about. (i.e. depression, anger, friends, family) I understand that some people may not want to share their personal life, but I know that some people out there would and I know there will be A LOT of people out there willing to help (i.e. ME)

    In another forum I used to be a part of, they had an advice thread for said reasons above and I was active like crazy helping these people out. They really liked my advice and the great majority of it helped them. I was quite proud of myself and I kept on going to help others. I'm great with advice from experience, I've always helped out my family and friends when they needed someone to talk to and for someone to understand and listen to them. Even if they were going through something I've never experienced before, I always gave them the best advice I could give them, they followed it, and it really helped them! I'm just a very caring person.

    So, I would love to see an advice forum here. It'd be the forum I'd be most active in (well, I'd say General Writing would be a very close second). And if you all consider creating this forum, I would love to be a very dedicated and devoted Moderator of said forum.

    I really hope you consider it. Thanks and have a wonderful day!!!

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    There are already two stickied Lounge threads for exactly that.

    The Tavern's General Life Issues Corner is for discussion and assistance with, well, General Life Issues.

    The Tavern's Lads & Girls Discussion Thread is for affairs of the heart - and despite its name, it is not limited to traditional M/F relationships. Just try to keep the discussion PG-13, as per the general site conten t rules.

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