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    Oct 7, 2009
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    I don't give out my personal information!!


    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Namixx, Oct 7, 2009.

    Hello, well, I am having some problems creating a plot. My story is based on these six kids, on the run from these evil freaks that are mainly trying to get them to use them for a certain reason. (I'm still working on my story. So I haven't decided on the reason yet.) But I haven't gone to many places around the country, aka America. So I was just wondering if you have any plot suggestions. Just an FYI to everyone who gets to this thread, please read my signature. Thanks. :3
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    I have to point out that the minimum recommended age for this site is 13. Younger than that, we request that you get your parents to look over the site first and approve your membership. Our content restrictions are at an approximate PG-13 US film rating in order to keep the site "safe" for members down to that age without unnecessarily restricting expression for more adult members.

    Also, we don't encourage people asking members to create the storyline for them. As a writer, this is something you really need to come up with yourself.

    As a suggestion, I'd say to first step away from good and evil, and think instead of what your story's troublemakers are attempting to gain, and why. At te same time, decide what your six kids are seeking, and why they think the oters may be te solution to their problem.

    Plot consists largely of motivations and obstacles.

    Please speak to your parents and make sure they are ok with you being here before proceeding.
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    In addition to everything Cogito said, I'd like to mention that a little program called WordWeb would be very helpful for any words you come across you're unsure about. You highlight the word in question then double-click the icon in your system tray.

    Welcome to the site!
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    Perhaps, rather than trying to write a story about places where you haven't been, try writing a story about places you know well. The extra detail you will be able to provide will make you story more believable, readable and, hopefully, intersting. Good luck.

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