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    Suicide Squad rant (Spoilers)

    Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Cave Troll, Aug 21, 2016.

    Honestly I was not impressed in the slightest. There are people that loved it, but I ain't one of them.

    1. This is what the Joker looks like...
    Failed it! :supergrin:Never knew the Joker was this classless and tasteless. Nor looking like he is on his way to Rap show, rather than being the Clown Prince of Crime and causing dark humor mayhem. All that method acting and this tryhard is whining about only getting 10 minutes in a 2 hour film. In short this pains me with how bad Leto's interpretation and representation of such a fun and sinister villain.

    2. Harley Quinn is my biggest bitch about the whole movie.
    This was a big letdown, considering Harley's portrayal in Assault on Arkham was a hell of a lot better, also more on point with the character. But just because you have a look-a-like to a great character, does not mean dressing them up like a teenage slut (Instead of IDK actually dressing her like Harley Quinn). And the worst thing is the voice malfunction. Harley has a high pitch and has a New Jersey accent. Half the time she doesn't even have at least that. Also not exactly as fun, and even less funny. I loved Harley in Assault on Arkham. It was an interesting dynamic to see her having a relationship fight the Joker. As well as violently having sex with Deadshot, because she is that angry with the Joker.

    And finally 3. (SMH)

    The casting was odd, characters were clunky. The flashback of Harley trying to get the Joker to actually love her. Deadshot was written in a way that made him look like a racial stereotype when not having anything real to contribute. It felt like Will Smith was phoning it in. Rick Flag, one of the only mildly decent attempts at humor. Poor guy became the running joke of the Squad recapturing Flag. The badder bad guys are I can't even...(face palm) What?! o_O And that ending just.....what it just abruptly ends with no real conclusion. And four times they remind us that their the bad guys while going after a witch and her brother.

    All the hype, and all the dissatisfaction. I tried to give it a chance, but it was just not going to throw out a redeeming anything. Well that was a beloved set of fictional characters, that got shat on by WB. Of course they kinda set it up when they let Affleck be Batman (Fatman). How many chins does he think that Batman has? Well I suppose when they let Leto be the Poser Joker in Fatman's Batman movie we can have more to discuss, as we bitch about how a great fictional universe was left in the hands of the inept.

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