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    Super human story - Need help!

    Discussion in 'Plot Development' started by Stupid-Face, Aug 20, 2012.

    I have a storyline in my head where super humans get captured and tested on in labs all over the world (the testing lab the protagonist is locked in is in Finland) and they plan to escape. But I also want to further it on that they have a war against the ordinary humans.

    My original idea was that the protagonist kills the head of the business running the testing labs, so that the head is replaced with the main villian (who happens to be a superhuman pretending to be ordinary)

    I'm not too sure if this will be a good change to the storyline, so advice one improment will help a lot :D

    I am also struggling with the ending, I want it so that the superhumans and ordinary humans are at peace and living as equals but I'm not too sure on how I should write that. Advice on how most relevant storylines end would be great too!

    Any help or advice would be appreciated a lot!

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    Not-sure if you still need help but if you do here it is.
    You could have the main villain being a shape-shifter who is simply obsessed with power as the strike back at humanity is a bit overused and you can say he wants to be the only super left.
    The protagonist could have some non-combat job like an experimental genetic or robotic scientist and uses this job to increase his powers to combat the threat and has a small group of escapees that attack with guerilla warfare on the labs. You could make him cyber kinetic and fill his body with nano-bots letting him change his body to increase muscle mass or change his facial structure but put put limits. The story really hinges on what sort of war you want against the supers, the powers of the MC and what sort of people the main characters are. It could end in a forced peace by the victorious supers, everyone gains some super abilities or the ending shows the world on the way to peace. Although anything other than forced peace will be unfeasable if the is a massive world war against supers world wide with your neighbors turning against you.
    Hopefully this helps.
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    1) Welcome to the site @Marcus Evatra :) and 2) Wow this OP is old :p

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