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    Jun 6, 2007
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    St. Louis, Mo

    -Super shy person comes in- That'd be me =P

    Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Bick, Jun 6, 2007.

    So yeah, I'm horrible at starting conversations. I have very few friends, but I keep them close and they are good ones. Basically my life consists of (during the school year that is) getting home from school, eating a snack, locking myself in my room and doing my homework. I then take a walk and listen to iPod while enjoying the nice woods we have around us. I then go home and either read, write or I call my friends.

    I truly have no life, thanks to my shyness. So, it will be tough for me to stray from my shyness even on a board, although it is much easier.

    My prefered topic of writing is humor. I like to make people laugh, but not in that slap-happy fashion. I like to put it inbetween the lines. For example, my favorite character that I've created is The Pea. He is basically a kid that dresses up as a Pea, and tries to get kids to eat his veggies. Although, it creaps out the parents and many times he has been thrown into jail.

    I also like to write about insanity, as I think that I'm near insanity. I may or may not, but that doesn't really matter. I mean, insanity is a fun topic. It can become funny, scary... just about any feeling can come from it. It just really matters on how you write it.

    I have yet to actually finish most of my stories. I've only actually finished two, and one of those was from the 6th grade(when I first started to write) and it's pretty bad. I have problems finishing anything, since I either lose interest or I run out of ideas. Basically, I work on a few stories at a time, building them all up slowly. The chance of me finishing any of them is slim.

    I personally don't think I'm that great at writing, but my mum begs to differ. That's just a mums opinion though,they don't matter.

    I am trying to get into poetry, I find that hard since... I've never liked it. I find it pointless to write, since in a story you can write it so much easier and with more detail. I use to have no respect for poetry, but then I got the most amazing English teacher.

    I told her when we started the poetry unit, that I hated poetry. She said she could change my mind. I thank God I got her for a teacher, as now I have a small respect for it. Ever so much that I actually try and write it myself.

    As you can see, I like to talk. I'm just normally shy about it, but yeah.
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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Hello to a fellow walker of the woods. They are wonderful places to go and see the changing colours, don't you think?

    As I read through your intro, you sounded exactly like me on the story side of things. I too have only finished two pieces and have started many. I write a little more to whichever story I'm in for.

    As for poetry, I'm not very good at it either, though I do enjoy writing it and find the limitation on rhyme and meter a challenge.

    Enjoy your time here and I look forward to seeing you around sometime. It's good to see you.:)
  3. Gannon

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    Jan 15, 2007
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    Manchester, England
    It sounds like quite a pleasant existance to me! Don't worry about being shy, in my experience that makes it worse.

    If I can be of any help let me know, be that poetry based or otherwise, what I / we lack in expertise we make up for in willing!
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    Proud Canadian. Currently teaching in Nanjing, Chi
    Hi there
    Please sit down, relax and put your feet up. If you look around you might find enough inspiration to finish a few more stories. No promises, but its been known to happen.
  5. Cogito

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    Massachusetts, USA
    Hello, Bick,

    It sounds like you have a fine life. At least I hope so, because much of it mirrors my own. This country boy also enjoys the serenity of the nearby state forest, as well as occasional jaunts to the rocky coasts of Maine. Don't let anyone tell you that a life spent in your own company is not a life!

    Finishing stories is difficult. First off, I find that something I began with great enthusiasm seems to accumulate flaws I'm sure I will never eradicate. Then, if I reach the story's conclusion, there is the endless revision process. When is it finished? No matter how many times I revise it, I still find things I am tempted to change.

    This is a great place to at least keep you on track to keep writing, so projects don't merely sit around incomplete. If you are stuck, you can cast your line to catch some fresh ideas. If nothing else, you are surrounded by like-minded people facing similar challenges.

    So drop into that comfy chair, prop your feet up, and get to know some of the fine folks here.

    And have fun!
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  6. Daniel

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    May 14, 2006
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    Peoria, Illinois
    Hey man, have more confidence! You can finish your stuff! But I know the feeling.

    Anyways, welcome to the site!
  7. Raven

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    Oct 14, 2006
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    The NetherWorld
    Agreed You'll go far if you put your mind to it.

    Welcome to the forum by the way.

  8. Torana

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    Mar 13, 2007
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    Hello and welcome to the forum, it is great to have you here.
    I look forward to seeing you around the board and will try and get around to reading some of your work as you post it up.

    Well have fun and see you around the board

  9. Kit

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    Apr 14, 2007
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    Welcome to the site, always nice to see a new face (figuratively speaking of course) and I hope to see you around.

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