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    superpsycho and RowenaFW - Weekly Poetry Contest (188) Joint Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Apr 20, 2012.

    Virtue in the Blackness
    By superpsycho

    Does it matter if you are white, black or grey?
    Not to me, I can honestly say.
    Does it really matter if it's day or night?
    No, why should I care if dark or light.
    Does it matter if sky is bright or dreary?
    Not really, I can still be cheery.
    Is it by virtue I leave these cares behind?
    No, just simply a case of being blind.


    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    By RowenaFW

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Made a most interesting study of everyone’s feet.
    Whether stockinged or shoed, fluffy or bare,
    Professor Ship-Shapely watched them with care.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Looked at every foot he happened to meet.
    Stone feet and bone feet, furry and bird;
    And not from his lips would a sound be heard.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Would sit for hours and hours, looking at feet.
    He would frown and would smile and would not say a thing;
    Then Professor Ship-Shapely would declare like a king:

    That the feet of this person, told him that he
    (For they told him the gender), was 6 foot and 3.
    He worked as a barber and had seven dogs;
    All from the Professor examining clogs.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Would go on to say that this lady was neat.
    She foretold the future; had an arm made of steel;
    He knew this, of course, by her angular heel.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Would tell us some more things; indeed he would bleat!
    Then all of the listeners, would clap - he was right (!),
    And say that he seemed to have a sixth sort of sight.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Was sent all over the world, to strangers to greet.
    Down, under their ankles, he’d grimace and glower,
    And know them insides out, in less than an hour.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Was given a prize for his knowledge of feet.
    He was chuffed (how he grinned), but he just couldn’t speak (!):
    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat.

    Professor Ship-Shapely-Muffetonbleat
    Had a rather fantastic obsession with feet.
    So, before he himself died and his knowledge was lost,
    He cut off his own and sent them out to be glossed.
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