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    Supplying SF Units on Enemy Territory

    Discussion in 'Research' started by XerXes, Sep 2, 2016.


    first, forgive me for my bad English, as it is not my native language.

    I have a scenario which takes place in year 2035, a Special Forces unit is deployed on an island controlled by more technologically advanced enemy. The enemy controls land, sea and air. SF units have contact over computer channels with High Command and are able to call for requisitions (weapons, ammo, etc.), but how are these supplies delivered to the units on enemy territory? They will probably shoot down any planes trying to make an airdrop, and they are already forced to use anti thermal nets to prevent discovering by enemy UAVs.

    I have an idea to use a contact in local resistance, but they won't be able to get their hands on latest "toys" needed for SF work...

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Try an orbital drop. Gonna give the enemy trouble shooting at something moving at the higher velocity.
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    I think this is the best option available. Depending on how conspicuous the deployment into space was, you could even have it written off as a meteor at first.
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    Alternately if they are completely cut off the SF option is to go guerilla and fight with weaponry captured from the oposing force - when you look at say Titos partisans trapped in the Zenica cage area during WW2 virtually all their equipment was german in origin , taken from wermacht and SS units that 'didnt need it anymore '

    Part of the point of SF is that they don't need the latest shiny kit , give them a knife and they are dangerous ... look at the British Para's cut off at Arnhem , towards the end when the germans moved in to 'take their surrender' they were met with a fuslidade of bricks and bottles
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