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    Tales of Anima, Darkkin and Drusy - Joint Weekly Poetry Contest (221) Winners

    Discussion in 'Monthly Poetry Contest Archives' started by Banzai, Jan 18, 2013.

    By Tales of Anima

    From the hallowed halls of
    The Elite
    The Great
    and Powerful

    My path to the future
    Was Clear,
    Was Open;
    How Infinite!

    The world that awaited
    Had Chaos
    Had Fright
    and Confusion

    My pot of gold was void
    No Milk,
    No Honey;
    How Meaningless!

    Stuck in a dead-end job
    I Wonder
    I Wilt
    and Agonize

    By Darkkin

    A conundrum of nothingness...
    A word, which in and of itself,
    Is a word, a something...
    Not a nothing...

    A nothing is, well...

    The aforementioned void above.
    A total absence...

    No word, thought...
    Deed or dream.
    It is an abeyance...
    Of all and sundry.

    Always Something
    By Drusy

    An echo, a pinwheel galaxy;
    Where negative and positive collide
    And the number zero is a wreath of infinity.
    There is no nothing.
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