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    Tanning hides for clothing

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Complex, Jul 10, 2012.

    My MCs are out in the forest, are in need of better clothing and they have hides from various animals and want to tan them. Skinning and removing the tissue isn't the problem, but the actual processing of the hide is getting to me. Right now they have no vats or chemicals, brain tanning was an option I thought, but it might take too long for the characters. Bark tanning is the same thing.

    They have access to water, very good bark suitable for tanning and knowledge of the tanning process. The characters have some preliminary knowledge, but need to do a dry tan rather then a wet one. This process will probably have to be repeatable and used over and over again, so it needs to be quick as well.

    I've heard of smoking a hide which requires little prep, but it is really suitable to make clothing? Would this method even work? Is there an easier way?
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    You should look at braintan.com It has the traditional ways of tanning skin, hope it helps :D

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