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    Tavern's Daily Storyline

    Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Reggie, Jul 2, 2011.

    I am uncertain if a thread like this exists. If it is, please feel free to delete it. This thread is similar to the “Not so Happy Thread” and the “Happiness Thread.” I was thinking we all have a typical day, a story we want to tell about that day. We can write up a scene(s) describing our day by SHOWING it rather than telling it. It can be as small as one paragraph, or more if necessary. You do not have to write a story about what you did yesterday. It can be any day of the month. By the way, you can write any style, present tense, past tense, any way you want. Just be creative. If you don't feel like writing a storyline, and rather tell how your day is, you can use the Happiiness and Not so Happy Thread.

    I thought this thread would probably entice things a little bit.

    I will provide an example to everyone to clean up confusion. This is the day on my birthday a month ago.

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