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    Jan 12, 2021
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    (Tech gurus) Need a secret internet / dark web for my dystopian city's resistance!

    Discussion in 'Research' started by Timothy Skelf, Jan 12, 2021.

    Background. I'm writing a speculative fiction novel set in an everyday American city that falls under foreign, authoritarian rule. The governing regime implements a heavily-regulated, closed web interlaced with subliminal propaganda in order to control the population (it is 2021, after all). The fatal flaw of the regime is that it calls on local expertise (technicians) to help maintain this network.

    Issue. The city's resistance movement, in order to create viable communication (which is key), wants to take advantage of this and create their own local dark web, or a secret wide area network (forgive my rudimentary understanding). To reiterate, this is a network or web not accessible by the regime officials, but only by a select few (or many) within the city. A few considerations:

    - installing dark web access browsers (by disc or other discreet methods if possible)

    - Proxy servers or a server hiding in plain sight

    - Wiring and existing networks

    Question. How would you set something like this up and what are the components, and processes required for this type of operation? The more specific the better. Also, if there is a far better method, like covert networks, do share.
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    Back in the old days (90s) there used to be a thing lovingly referred to as sneakernet.

    The reason for the name was because the internet didn’t really exist mainstream, and people would download isos using ingenious ways, then rip them to a CD-ROM. These cds and floppy discs would be sold for a couple of pounds, and people could enjoy full programs at black market prices.

    These days micro sd cards are of such a size that you could hand over vast quantities of information with not as many problems, hiding them in everyday items, a packet of cigarettes for example.

    The best way I can think of, is to go undetected, by bringing back the sneakernet, and thus creating an offline, more secure web of people who run about their daily lives selling everyday goods with hidden sd card-sized extras.

    Other ways of transmitting data include usb sticks hidden in fake rocks in the park, or a park bench with a built in Bluetooth receiver, capable of sending and receiving data to a mobile device which has Bluetooth enabled and airplane mode switched on, and perhaps a custom coded app to decipher the information. The transmitter of info would then sit on the bench, pretend to play with their phone and secretly upload the information to the bench. The receiver would then walk the dog, sit down for a rest, and the information could be downloaded to their phone without even taking it out of their pocket.

    Packet radio might be another possibility, with end to end encryption, so that the ham radio enthusiast can send his modem dialup sounding transmission, and the only person who can receive it, is the one with the right encryption key, anyone else gets a different message, especially if it’s a multilayered transmission.

    Steganography might be another idea... while the authorities are looking for underground activities in obscure places, the best way to transmit info might be through the use of encrypted text embedded in photos. This way the photos can be shared on a picture sharing website, and given a specific title, (given in the last communication) and the information can be passed on that way.

    Sometimes, it’s easier to consider low tech, because the simplest answers are often the best.

    Hope this helps :)

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