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  1. Bakkerbaard

    Bakkerbaard Senior Member

    Apr 9, 2020
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    Technical Issue with Grammarly for Chrome

    Discussion in 'Software' started by Bakkerbaard, Jan 12, 2021.

    I'm aware that opinions on Grammarly vary, but it helps me with Englishing.
    I'm also aware that this isn't a technical support sort of forum, but Grammarly doesn't seem to have a place with real humans that can answer questions that don't fit into a search bar.

    Here's the problem:
    Using the chrome extension to check my work in Google Docs. Half the time it works fine and the other half it thinks I'm not logged in, even if I'm in the middle of a grammatical check up.
    But, it's a beta, this sort of thing happens. Click login.
    Now I get taken to Grammarly's site, where I show as logged in, but when I click the Grammarly extension to get it going, it just tells me to log in.
    Only thing that helps is removing the extension and reinstalling it, but as I've just found out, that's a bit of hit and miss. Else I wouldn't be here bothering you with it.

    Considering I can't really find anything like it, I'm wondering if I'm not just doing something wrong.
    Anyone have any ideas?
    ...Anyone even use the extension?

    Grammarly is set to only work when I click the extension (because I don't want squigglies when I write).
    In the options I've disallowed it to automatically correct spelling errors.
    And that's about it.

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