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  1. theverbamar

    theverbamar Member

    Jan 17, 2007
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    New Delhi, India

    That Night

    Discussion in '"I never believed in hell"' started by theverbamar, Jan 19, 2007.

    I never believed in hell
    until I fell in his arms
    and he told me
    it was you
    I hated him
    and he held me tight
    I saw your face
    I run
    I run to your staggering side
    You look around
    blank look on your face
    you are so so articulate
    and all you want to do is dance
    a little more
    your words are slurred
    with every step
    my heart crumbles
    alone in the incandescence of Egyptian streets
    late at night
    towel wrapped half around me
    I put you in a car
    you call my name
    ask me to stay and I run off into the traffic
    but for the first time in my life
    I cant feel all the eyes
    which build the Middle East
    hail a cab
    and my phone rings
    your voice
    full sentences sing to me.
    I almost lost you
    that night.

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