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  1. AnchoredAerial

    AnchoredAerial New Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    California, USA

    The Anchored Progress Journal

    Discussion in 'Progress Journals' started by AnchoredAerial, Oct 29, 2016.


    1) My goal for this progress journal, like it says above in this forum editing station, "...to update the thread to their [my] progress. By setting public goals, keeping accountable and making progress becomes much easier." I am a master procrastinator! I have wanted to write so bad my entire life, but it's not until now that I have pushed my self to the edge of the endless, sharpened, jagged cliff and realized I have to do it. Hopefully, this will be the next step.

    2) The story I'm writing: it's about the life of Retriever. (Everything is subject to change at this stage) I don't want to give anything away yet but, it has a lot to do with adventure, mystery, torture, death, love, happiness, and sublime. There's a huge something-something at the end that I'm very excited about, but this is a long road ahead and you will learn more as we go. I like writing with morals and to piss off my readers. I also love the interaction.

    3) As I write this (once I get passed the outline stage) I will write, beta read, and edit and publish by chapters, hopefully onto Wattpad. It's my first story and novel and I don't want to do it with the goal of selling it. I want people to read it and yell at me and make fun of my writing or completely love it because I'm the best ever. I want to get better. Most of all. I want to write. I think this will be fun.

    4) Right now: Over the last 8 weeks I have brainstormed in my humanities class (hey! It's better than falling asleep. Wait, is it? Sleep is pretty great) and come up with a rough rough outline. In huge notebook, I have begun to have trouble forming my ideas clearly. I still need to research some stuff and add it in my outline and fill holes, I need to develop backstories and morals of the characters, and I need to dive into the actual events into the stories. I'm going to whip out the sheets in my notebook and attached them to my wall. From there I will have specific chapters and characters on the side that I can write about more deeply. Then, I will probably be better off to know what's next. It's 2:30 a.m. Let's do it tomorrow!

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