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    The Feast of Catchville

    Discussion in 'Book Discussion' started by Metus, Mar 21, 2012.

    Has anyone else read a novella called "The Feast of Catchville"? I couldn't finish it. I started circling grammatical errors by page ten. It was as though the book had never seen an editor- the author used the wrong type of "your", as in, for example, "you're socks".

    The genre is supposed to be horror, but when one of the character's apartments is being broken in to, they for some reason don't think to call the police. When the door breaks open, they stumble backwards into a chair and sit down. I just started laughing by about page twenty. I couldn't help it. A couple of the characters are okay, but the protagonist and his wife are both cookie-cutter clones of generic, identical supporting characters. And by the fiftieth time the protagonist's wife clutches her husband's arm and asks in a meek voice if they're going to be okay, I just gave up and put the book down. I have no idea how that mess got published- but every review I read about it gave it a four or five out of five stars. I'm. . .so confused. . . .:confused:

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