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    The Final...

    Discussion in 'Writing Prompts' started by TH3T4, Nov 16, 2011.

    Okay this is somthing that i did on another forum but it was not as good there because no one really cared or were not very good at building, luckily this is a forum with good wrighters so here goes.

    The rules are simple just add to the last scene.

    Its ten fifteen. A dull neighbour hood in the middle of a town no one knows about. across the road sits a park surronded by a big black fence. insode there are trees and play equipmant, each with a long warped shadow cast out from a single light on the street. laughter is heard from the park. it grows and changes from laughter to a high pitched whine then a deep hum. the people from the street gather at their windows and after a minute of the noise step out onto the lawn each one slowlly steps closer till some are pressed up against the gate, gleering into the dark to find the noise.
    onw man climbs up onto te fence's lower support beam. "what is it"

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