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    The Fox and Grapes

    Discussion in 'Research' started by fantasy girl, Apr 2, 2010.

    Haven't been here in a while so hello to everyone.

    Well basically, theres a pub in Leeds called The Fox and Grapes, and my mum, dad and aunt used to work there. Ghosts have been seen there, like a Royalist Soldier from the English Civil War, who walks in front of the bar giving greetings to Front of house and Bar staff, and an old couple who just appear at the same table, order the same food, and when the food is brought back they are no longer there, and no one sees them enter or leave. You can also hear a young girl screaming, as she was caught in a fire in her bedroom when the original structure was burnt down.

    The thing is, I cant find any names, dates or anything, apart from the Haist Family. Thomas Haist was the Innkeeper of the Pub when it was called the Kiddal Lane End, but again, I can find no dates. The only date I know, is that Thomas Haist was Baptised on 25th March 1695 in Barwick Parish Church, one of the two churches in the Village.

    The other thing I know is that The Fox and Grapes was often a hotspot for hunters on their way back from the hunt, as it is in Barwick which was a very popular hunting spot.

    Basically, I was wondering, if anyone knew anything about this, or knows of anywhere I can find information. Unfortunately the Library is off limits untill next friday, so i need to find other sources to do research on until then.

    Beth xx

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